15 gift cards people in Boise really want to receive


In 2019, Intuit’s MintLife surveyed Americans to find out exactly what people expect to receive at Christmas. The results were quite interesting!

according to mint, 61% of Americans would rather receive cash or a gift card than a traditional gift during the holidays. Not many of those people talk and say that to the people who buy from them, because well… it sounds selfish, but it’s not.

Last year we realized that our apartment had reached a critical mass. There was no more room for “stuff”, so we kindly ordered some gift cards for Christmas because they wouldn’t take up much space and could be used for things we really needed around the house.

Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash

Photo by steal the laugh in unsplash

Of course, this conversation was with our parents, which made it a little awkward because it’s so sweet that they still want to buy gifts for their adult children at Christmas when they don’t have to. Fortunately, it was well received. We ended up getting a small bag the perfect size to take to concerts and sporting events, filled with gift cards.

Trust us when we say that many of the people you are buying for feel the same way. They would love this little gift that they could keep in their bag and use for something they really want or need. You just need to make sure you pick the right one, so we did a little legwork for you.

After surveying our listeners, we found that these are the 15 most requested gift cards in the Treasure Valley this holiday season!

15 Gift Cards Boise People Really Want to Receive This Christmas

Are gift cards impersonal gifts? Hardly! Some people prefer them and these are the most requested this holiday season!

Of course, if you get a gift card that you can’t use…there’s a way to get some of that money back! Check it out!

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