6 YouTube channels of ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ and ‘Street Woman


What if you suddenly become famous on the Internet while participating in a dance performance with your peers? This is what happened to the participants in the mnet hit the reality dance survival show, Street Woman Fighter.

With eight women’s dance teams — WAYB, PROWDMON, Coca NButter, HOOK, LACHICA, HolyBang, YGX, and TO WANT – vying for the position of Korea’s top female dance team, the show became a hit. From actors and comedians to K-Pop idols such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, and red velvet, everyone keeps talking about it. With numerous viral hits, appearances on variety shows, tours and even having their own spin-off, Street dance girls fighterdancers are all crazy on the internet now.

For new and old fans alike yearning for more content, The Dancers have their own YouTube channels featuring a slew of behind-the-scenes music video shoots with your favorite artists, workout videos, and daily vlogs.

Here are 6 Youtube channels that fans can check out from the dancers of HOOK, LACHICA, HolyBang, YGX, TURNSand more.

Rian de LACHICA had her own YouTube channel for a while, where she posts her choreography processes, personal dance videos, behind-the-scenes set vlogs to music videos and live performance shoots, and even fashion videos and of makeup.

Fun, upbeat, and entertaining, her YouTube channel is like hanging out with that bubbly friend who’s always in the know.

LACHICA also has their own YouTube channel showcasing the group’s more laid-back side – a change from their strong, sassy on-screen image – as well as their choreography process for some of our favorite artists such as Chungha, Ailee, aespaand TWICE.

Joe Dwarf is one of the spin-off show contestants, Street Dance Girls Fighter, who shocked viewers with her impeccable skills when she was just 19 years old. Not only is she the leader of the winning team TURNSshe is also a member of the esteemed Just Jerk Crew.

Created quite recently, Jo Nain’s YouTube channel presents her and the members of her team, having fun, showing her daily life as a dancer.

The name of his YouTube channel, good dwarfwas actually recommended by Jungkook from BTS who answered his questions about instagram. A play on “night” with his name on it is the best gift for Nain, who is a fan of the GRAMMY-nominated artist. Jungkook himself also covered it choreography of “Bare Wit Me” by Teyana Taylor.

As the sultry queen of YGX, Jihyō‘s YouTube channel features various dance covers and choreography videos of her personal style which was previously hidden. She also has fun vlogs with her members, behind-the-scenes shoot videos, and daily vlogs that reveal her cute personality behind her strong looks.

YGX also has its own YouTube channel that showcases the members’ chemistry and fun side as they react to music videos, play games, and just hang out together as friends.

In love with another girl Aiki continues to charm in his YouTube channel with various short films (as expected from the ICT Tac Star), vlogs of her TO HANG UP members, stage rehearsals and cute videos with her daughter.

Stripped of the need for competition when they were on the show, we see a group of friends who just love to dance together, leaving viewers with warm hearts and deep laughs.

For those who want more holy bang performances, their YouTube channel features a plethora of original choreography, dance concept videos and competition pieces the group has performed that fans can binge on to their heart’s content.

Featuring the dance battle scene that isn’t usually aired on TV, their YouTube channel gives fans a broader insight into the dance scene and HolyBang’s unique hip-hop style.

As the show’s resident mood maker with her witty reactions and commentary, TO WANTleader Hyōjin Choi also makes his vlogs fun to watch.

Besides dance covers and classes, her channel has a more personal touch as it features vlogs of her eating with friends, going to a yoga class and having fun in the studio with her crew. . Still keeping the vibe going, fans can get more of her quirky side through her YouTube channel alongside endless laughs.


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