A new film “La Maison Bellaire” is released on October 31


BELLAR, Ah. (WTRF) – Save your bag of popcorn!

The infamous Bellaire House, a top-rated haunted house in America, is set to scare you this Halloween when it debuts on streaming service platform Tubi.

Paranormal investigator and Bellaire house owner Kristin Lee has teamed up with hip-hop rapper, Ohio Valley native Josh Heatherington, also known as YNC’s Josh.

Last week Heatherington wrapped filming the rapper starring in the haunted hip-hop flick.

With the help of Lee, the rap artist tried to channel his ghostly ancestors inside the Bellaire house using high-tech paranormal equipment.

According to Heatherington, her family is one of the most iconic haunted families in paranormal America.

My friends, my team, we’ve set up this plot by making it into a haunted movie that’s coming out on Halloween. We drop it on Halloween. Maison Bellaire is actually my family’s home. The first house in Bellaire, Ohio was Jack Heatherington, my family.

Josh Heatherington, Josh of YNC/Rap Artist and Producer

Other cast members include fellow rappers from Heatherington.

The Bellaire House Movie: The Heatherington Family will debut on the Tubi streaming service platform this Halloween, October 31.


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