Abu Aleeha announces his very first comedy in Punjabi


Two movie releases in less than a month – revenge thriller Sheenogai and zombie comedy Udham Patakh. With the third on the way, Javed Iqbal, airing on January 28, Abu Aleeha is releasing images like magazine editions.

Now he has revealed details of his next project, Shot Cut, his first Punjabi comedy. Not just any comedy, mind you, but a situation comedy.

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But why comedy when he is best known for his thrillers and horror films? Because he might want to broaden his horizons as a director.

Aleeha reveals that Shot Cut is about two people in love who are also low-level theatrical actors who never earned stardom. The film follows them as they resume their lives after a 20-year hiatus. From the era of cheap theater to the era of social networks.

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Shot Cut will begin filming on February 1 and is expected to wrap by the end of the month. Gohar Rasheed, Sana Fakhar, Naseem Vicky, Ahmed Hasan, Honey Albela, Nawaz Anjum and others will be seen in the film.

Rasheed will lead the film, and it will feature a hip-hop soundtrack. The duo previously collaborated on a film called Lockdown, which was never released.

Javed Ahmed Kakepoto and Sufi Hashim Bin Haris are the producers of Shot Cut. He will release the Eidul Azha this year.


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