Actor John Salley Talks New Disney Original Movie ‘Sneakerella’ (Exclusive)


Disney+ Trades Legendary Crystal Slipper For New Kicks In New Original Movie Sneakerella.

Celeb Secrets sat down with John Salley, who plays Darius King in the modern “Cinderella.” Before Salley made his big screen debut, he dominated the basketball court with the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers. When the role of star athlete and sneaker mogul popped up on Salley’s desk, the four-time NBA champion couldn’t pass up the opportunity to audition.

“As a former professional basketball player, that doesn’t mean I can’t perform in a musical – that’s what this movie shows,” Salley said while emphasizing the family movie’s underlying theme. The way Salley fearlessly jumped in to pursue his acting dream is precisely what the young visionary named El did in the original Disney+ film.

El (played by Chosen Jacobs) is an aspiring sneaker designer from Queens, New York who works tirelessly as a warehouse worker for a shoe store. His late mother once owned the retail store. However, he is now run by his mean stepfather and cruel stepbrothers. The toxic environment becomes a hindrance for El, as he is forced to hide his artistic talents from his family.

El’s life changes quickly when he develops a close relationship with Kira King (Lexi Underwood) – the independent daughter of a highly respected hooper, Darius King. After realizing their mutual love for sneakers, sparks start to fly. Alongside a fairy godfather, Kira encourages El to turn his dream into reality and become a “legitimate” sneaker designer in the fashion industry.

“It literally takes the original [“Cinderella”] and knocks it down,” Salley shared. “It’s diverse, a well-constructed and very well-executed scenario. I do hip-hop and I do fight rap in it – musical and choreography is off the chain. The clothes and coloring are great. It’s a really good movie, there’s no lag,” he added.

Salley went on to mention that the production produced by DJ Carson, Christopher Scottand led by Elizabeth Allen – Rosenbaum, is the perfect watch for all ages.

“You can sit down with your friends and family, and no one will be offended,” he said with a beaming smile. “Your grandmother to your four-year-old niece – everyone is going to feel good about this. No one will feel left out, and God willing, there will be lots of women in the room. They’re going to feel empowered This is definitely a female empowerment movie.

While Disney has been focused on making “Sneakerella” an inspirational film for women, they’ve also made it a priority to show representation. Salley said exclusively Celebrity Secrets what it was like to be involved in a casting that pushes the entertainment industry in a positive direction.

“As a black man, with a black family in this crazy, crazy world, nobody even mentioned that I was black in this movie,” he explained. “That’s the difference. It was just a successful family business, and that’s something we had never heard of before. Disney really makes sure and includes everyone and gives our kids and a better view of people like me. No more stereotyping and no more being pigeonholed. I think this movie really pushes people, makes dreams come true…but you have to work.

‘SNEAKERELLA’ RED CARPET PREMIERE – Stars attend the red carpet premiere of the upcoming music-focused Disney+ Original movie ‘Sneakerella’ at Pier 17 in New York City on Wednesday, the 11th. Friday, May 13, exclusively on Disney+. (Disney/John Manno)

Sneakerella premiered on May 13, 2022 and you can stream it on Disney+ here. Will you be watching the music-focused Disney+ Original? Let us know by leaving a reaction below or sending us a tweet @celebsecrets.

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