Apple Music Launches Two Dozen “New and Exclusive DJ Mixes”


Charli XCX, who created a DJ mix for Apple Music. Photo credit: Atlantic Records UK

Apple Music has officially launched “a series of 24 exclusive DJ mixes” from creators such as Charli XCX, PinkPantheress, Jasmine Infiniti and Natasha Diggs.

Apple Music recently unveiled the DJ mix collection in a brief announcement message that was emailed to DMN. This concise document notes that the mixes – which are live on the streaming service – originate from “12 countries and cover a range of musical styles,” including electronics, hip-hop and pop.

A quick glance at the available tracks reveals that mixtures of works by Young Thug, Madonna, Radiohead and Nas are included. And Apple Music 1 is also expected to release each of the back-to-back mixes on December 31, with upper tiers leaked.

Addressing her mix in a brief statement, Charli XCX said, “In this set I mix a lot of amazing songs that really influenced my next album ‘CRASH’ really heavily. Songs by Janet, Prince, Cameo, Mariah Carey, just songs that have a retro rhythmic side. Songs with incredible snares often, and songs that make you want to dance.

Major streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify have long been the subject of complaints about their relative inability to host remixes, live shows and other song variations, and these DJ mixes could represent a step forward. to counter criticism.

More generally, DJ mixes represent another streaming service effort to secure exclusive (non-musical) content. The Big Three labels (led by Universal Music Group) have moved streaming platforms away from exclusive album releases, arguing that they are hurting the paid subscriber market.

But Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music continue to take other steps to differentiate themselves and attract subscribers – and not just through exclusive podcasts.

Amazon Music released an exclusive 3D audio edition of Taylor Swift last year Folklore, for example, and capitalized on its parent company’s processing and shipping infrastructure with artist merchandise stores in March of this year.

Additionally, Apple Music over the summer provided an exclusive Kanye West livestream. Donda – and debuted “This Week in Apple Music” to showcase all of its exclusive content.

Finally, when it comes to the recent direction of competitive streaming service initiatives, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer and others – like the Big Three – have been working to win over fans in emerging markets in 2020. and 2021. As these emerging markets continue to grow – Saudi Arabia, for example, plans a 600% increase in gigs next year – it will be worth following the steps streaming services are taking to beat the cast. regional and broaden their reach.

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