California street culture brand CRTFD brings its fashion, flavors and cannabis to Europe and opens a cannabis club in Barcelona


CRTFD, a California-based lifestyle brand that combines street, skate, hip-hop and counterculture, has opened its first cannabis social club in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The space is located in the center of the city, just a five-minute walk from the famous Barcelona Cathedral.

Created by a team that prides itself on authenticity and embraces the subculture every step of the way, Club CRTFD brings the best of cannabis, fashion and art, with a California flavor, to Europe.

The CRTFD started with cannabis offerings, before branching out into fashion, food, and art. The decision to create a physical space celebrating the cannabis community happened naturally. “We chose Barcelona because we believe it’s the hub of cannabis in Europe and the environment and energy are similar to California,” says creative director Seti.

In Spain, cannabis is not legal, but it is decriminalized. This means that places like the CRTFD can offer cannabis as part of a “social club membership”, a common feature of the weed scene in Barcelona.

Club CRTFD has a casual open layout, comfortable furnishings, and the finest custom artwork. French artist @Soklak is the artistic director of the CRTFD club and his art is always in the spotlight. Other artists currently on display are @zurik, @bublrgumsr, @kram_bcn, @tobinshop, @cb1mag1, @saturnoart, @phen_stylez and @soon.

The Californian flavor is what sets the space apart from Barcelona’s many other cannabis clubs, while converging on a concept storefront experience. California rightly sets the benchmark for cannabis, fashion and lifestyle, and Los Angeles-based brand CRTFD is fully committed to taking that overseas.


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