Dance Academy USA leads the way in improving young children’s mental health in Santa Clara County


CUPERTINO, Calif., January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Dance Academy United States (DAU) in Silicon Valley is proud to announce that it has provided uninterrupted service and support to young children, without fail, from the time Covid struck until the present day.

“When the county didn’t allow us to teach in person, our kids needed their friends and dance teachers more than ever. Jane carter co-owner of the Dance Academy United States and the former director of the NBA Warrior Dance Team.

“It was very early, I think as early as April or May (2020), that parents were encouraging us to continue, that dancing played a vital role in their child’s mental health during the lockdown and beyond. given a purpose and determination to continue, ”Ms. Jane said. School of Dance United States has been a strong advocate for the children of Silicon Valley since 1990, having served over 100,000 students during that time with an active pre-Covid student roster of around 1,500. The company has also been recognized by Dance Teacher Magazine as the # 1 private dance studio in America.

A dance parent said, “The dance lessons kept my two daughters going last year and helped them have a positive focus during their day. Another parent said, “It means so much to my daughter in these trying times to be able to have a positive outlet both physically and artistically.” And a third parent told us, “My child was going really bad mentally, DAU saved her, which frankly saved our family. We are always grateful to the dance studio.”

Dance School United States has received dozens of such messages from parents over the past two years thanking company staff for their help in maintaining their child’s good mental health.

“Since March 2020, we believe the county has acted irresponsibly by adopting a very narrow definition of the word health. Is it healthy to lock a child in his room for months? Is it healthy to deprive a child of it. thing they look forward to every week? Parents should be making these decisions, not 1-3 government workers without public oversight, ”the co-owner said. Jim carter. Carter was an American athlete at State of San José, founding member of Intero and former CEO of HomeSmiles. “At the same time, the rich can work from home, the poorest of the poor have to go to work… which makes them even poorer, which leads to depression and mental anguish. I think the county has forgotten that part of the equation. health.”

“When Covid hit, we gradually realized how important the dance studio was to the mental health of our students,” said Kim barrett the Director General. The company has kept its entire competition team and about half of its recreation students in place. Jane carter said, “No dance teacher likes to teach on the internet, but we had to do it and take our acting to a whole new level. It was easy to see that the kids were having a hard time, and dancing is really the one thing that I was looking forward to. Thank goodness we’re back in person. The kids are so happy! “Mentioned Jane carter.

“Our argument is of a singular nature: that parents should make decisions regarding the well-being of their children,” said Jim carter. “We have three grown daughters, but when they were 4, 5 and 9, I wouldn’t have wanted a government employee to dictate to us (as parents) what my daughters can and cannot do. want to make these decisions with my wife “, concludes Jim carter.

About the Dance Academy United States
Dance School United States is the largest dance school under one roof in the state of California and a five-minute drive from Apple’s new spacecraft; the company has served the Silicon Valley dance community for 31 years and, according to its website, offers tap dance, ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary dance, lyric, hip hop and breakdance lessons. Dance School United States was founded in 1990 by James R. and Jane r carter; the company has since grown to six classrooms and a staff of over 60; Jane carter graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Human Performance (Fitness) and a minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences; during her university studies, she was chosen by Dole Corporation to be the company ambassador to promote dance, modeling and aerobics in Japan.

After 24 years at the Oaks Shopping Center, across from De Anza College, Dance School United States recently moved to the street, still on Stevens Creek and still in Cupertino at 199000, boul. Stevens Creek. To find out more about the Dance Academy United States (DAU), please visit their website at You can also contact DAU by phone at (408) 257-3211 or by email at [email protected].

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