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With the COVID scenario improving in the state, event organizers in Goa are gearing up for a gala tonight. Several event planners host events and parties at various venues across the state.

Large-scale outdoor events are back

Quinta de Valadares, aka Gawin’s, which hosts one of NYE’s biggest Christmas and Easter events for locals, had been out of service since COVID. For the first time since the pandemic, they are hosting an Easter party and expecting around 3,000 guests. “We have planned a different evening. We have a LED wall and other highlights planned. We have Blank In White, DJ Ryan Nogar, Skeletron and others playing. It will be one of the biggest events in South Goa with over 3000 guests. We target the university population and people up to 35 years old, mainly. We sell tickets at three locations in Goa,” says Zenobia D’souza, from the team organizing the event.

Outdoor venues getting ready for the night
Event organizers Mackenzie Pereira and Fred D’souza, who organize events, have teamed up to host a gala at Oh La La, a new riverside venue in Siolim. “Our event is a local-focused event, where people come together and meet everyone they know on Easter night. The venue changes for us every few years, but the crowd stays the same. Samba Square and NYE parties this year, and Easter also looks promising. All the COVID worry has slipped out of people’s minds and everyone seems excited to party,” says Mackenzie Ankith Kedar, who is hosting a Easter party tonight and an Easter sunset Sunday at the beach in Sochi, said, “Saturday I’m doing a Hip Hop, commercial and retro vibe and Sunday will see a deep house and techno event. We’re expecting a Limited crowds and a mix of tourists and locals.

Nightclubs are getting ready for their parties

Considering it’s the long weekend and an increase in tourist attendance is expected, several nightclubs across the state are planning their own Easter concerts, also catering to tourists and locals, with an interesting array of artists. Kenneth Rebello of SinQ Nightclub, which is hosting an Easter concert, said, “People are looking forward to this Easter. There’s been this COVID scare the last two Easters. Now we expect people to come out, because churches are open and people are going to mass and then heading to a party. Our hotels are all fully booked for the weekend, so we know we can expect good tourist traffic as well.


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