“Gook” by Ak2daface entertains hip-hop fans with groovy music, the artist’s energetic vocals, and more.


The music video ‘Gook’ came out just two weeks ago. The artist Ak2daface is phenomenal in its brilliant sound and energetic performance. It is available on YouTube.

Just a few days ago my friend shared a link to a YouTube video that took me to the song’s page ‘Gook’. Being a hip-hop music lover, I watched the video eagerly, and the rest is unforgettable. The song just left me mesmerized by the artist’s stylized rhythmic speeches Ak2daface. Accompanied by the fusion of organic and instrumental musical arrangements, the song created a jovial and highly energetic atmosphere for the listeners. The occasional tweaks to her vocals come as variations of the song. Shot in daylight, with people around, it captured the true essence of hip-hop music.

The most important part of the song is the rap part. The effect of the song is quite aquatic and psychedelic which adds layers to the song. His dreamlike composition accompanied by electronic music led me hypnotically into his realm of hip-hop music. In his song, the sweet and revealing narrative nature wins hearts in a unique way. The song is indeed one of the most creative songs in the hip-hop genre. I would definitely recommend this song to everyone. To listen ‘Gook’ on Youtube. To learn more about him and his music, follow Ak2daface on instagram.

Check out Ak2daface’s “Gook” music video:



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