Here are 13 of Gunna’s most interesting fashion choices


Gunna wakes up every morning and puts that shit on it.

Rapper YSL is known for his flossy lyrics and even more extravagant drip game. He definitely has a style of his own. Known for rocking expensive yarns that make him stand out in a crowd, there is never a dull moment when witnessing this eye-catching combo the Drip season the rapper and aspiring clothing designer then proposes.

“I just like putting things together. I’m not really trying to make it seem like a ‘look’, ”Gunna said. GQ in 2019. “You just have to have the confidence to know that. Not everyone will like what I wear, but the majority of people do. Not everyone will understand what I’m wearing because they don’t shop where I shop.

Even Rihanna recently recognized Gunna’s ability to steal the show. Last Halloween, RiRi imitated one of the Atlanta rapper’s famous looks perfectly in a post that has over 6.5 million likes on Instagram.

Gunna’s clothing choices don’t always receive rave reviews. Wunna recently went viral again for one of her quirky outfits. A video recently surfaced of the safety of the rhymer slamming a man out of his shoes during an altercation at a jewelry store, but everyone on the internet could talk about the matching purple and black striped shirt and pants Gunna was wearing. .

“Gunna dressed like 1/4 of a salon quartet,” one person observed on Twitter.

“Gunna donned the Arkham City DLC costume,” another person posted.

With Gunna drip season 4 the album is scheduled to arrive on January 7th. XXL compiles a gallery of the most interesting outfit combinations of the avant-garde rapper. Follow the drip.

Here are 13 of Gunna’s most interesting outfit choices

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