Here are the designers of this year’s 080 Barcelona Fashion Week


From introspective collections to the ultimate wardrobe for a weekend on the slopes: here are the designers who caught our attention at last week’s event.

Whenever we hear of an emerging designer, we don’t like to do much more than browse their freshly polished lookbooks. However, since its inception, 080 Barcelona Fashion has been doing it for us – this year marking its fourth digital edition, choosing the breathtaking Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona (MACBA) as this year’s main setting. With enchanting new collections like the familiars Reveligion and The (Real) Garcia, as well as striking new attitudes like Menchen Tomas, this year’s event was undoubtedly one we won’t soon forget.

So to catch a look at some action you might have missed, head below…

Menchen Tomas

During this delicate transition from WFH wardrobes to office wear, many of us wanted a collection of outfits that satisfied the benefits of both: providing comfort while remaining presentable – and most importantly, fashionable. It is this concept that gave birth to OLD MONEY, the latest collection from Menchen Tomas. Drawing unique fabrics and cuts straight from the tennis courts, the maxi slip dresses feature diamond-shaped mesh throughout. Elsewhere, feather-embellished headbands are paired with brightly colored flared trousers, contrasting extravagance with effortless comfort. Throughout the collection, designer Olga Menchen blends the elegance and status of formal wear with the comfort and ease of sportswear – creating a wide range of looks to wear in the office, at a rooftop bar sunny or at home when you need yours. personal fashion solution.

The (real) Garcia

Later that day, The (Real) Garcia came armed with a whole new perspective – turning his attention to the outdated formalities of menswear. The (real) Garcia placed a high priority on comfort in his pieces, opting for oversized cuts and balloon silhouettes to allow freedom of movement. Retaining an authoritative uniform element, many sets carried an air of sophistication, while their updated relaxed fits ensured a slightly more modern and urban orientation.


Offering a stunning display, Reveligion unveiled its provocative and fierce collection titled Parallel Lines. Forming a capsule of loud women’s clothing, exaggerated tulle skirts and puffy high-necked tops keep volume as a running theme – a tongue-in-cheek play on the outdated narrative that a woman should remain tame and invisible. Although many dresses exude a fairytale feel, traditional silhouettes have been radicalized to celebrate the importance of female expression. Among the pieces, we see sky-high hems, missing lining, and fabrics exposing nipples – a powerful commentary that reclaims the female body and voice and returns it to its rightful owner.


Marking a poignant start to the second day of the fashion week roundup, we have Eñaut, who returned to the Catalan spectacle to pay a heartbreaking tribute to the environmental disaster caused by the Prestige 20 years ago – an event that has caused more than 21,000 tons of oil to spill into the sea. Elements of panic and thoughtfulness can be found in the color scheme of the rooms, which consisted mostly of black, white and/or red. With sinister black paint dripping through clothing, as well as covering each model’s bare fingers – symbolizing the role humans played in the disaster.


Proving they firmly believe there is a devil in the details, Yolancris launched into fashion week with a handcrafted collection that combines the allure of exclusivity with the sweet touch of luxury. From finely woven embroidery to textured satin items, the entire collection can be seen as a true reflection of the pleasures of haute couture. Using fabrics such as leather and velvet, the designer is guided by materials to construct pieces that reflect the individuality and charm of the 60s.

Lola Casademunt by Maite

Capping off the second day of shows, and doing the same for our roundup, Lola Casademunt by Maite transported us to the mountains with their elegant capsule: Aspen Glam. Featuring plush edgy trappers, iconic outfits, and snow-colored moon boots, the entire capsule is as fun and inviting as a weekend at Apres Ski. Injecting high-end fashion into practical garments, Lola Casademunt by Maite inspires us all to brave new heights and environments in style – and in turn makes us book our flights for a weekend on the slopes.


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