Hip-hop artist GmO’s “Fashion Killa Ft. King Chris” is worth calling modern hip-hop


Based in Idaho Middleton GmO hip hop artistjust launched “Killa Fashion Ft. King Chris” has been a smash hit since its release on SoundCloud.

Many artists and musicians performed in their heyday with hip-hop as their weapon. Taking legacy to the extreme, the hip-hop entertainer GMO released brand new single “Killa Fashion Ft. King Chris”. The track was an instant hit for the artist with over 20,000 streams within 8 days of its release. The song’s slow rap beat touched the hearts of the global hip-hop music community. King Chris’ lyrics in the joint project are bolder than ever with a confident presentation style. Inspired by the modern generation, the artist has tried to incorporate lyrics that can match the moods of every listener.

The rise of the Middleton hip hop artist stable for 5 months. The artist has tried to represent a different concept in each of the productions he has imagined so far. The strong point of the artist remains to work with a new co-artist in each of his projects. Likewise, the popular track “mi pongo ven grifo” is produced by BLACK LIONS BEATZ and the other “Livin In Hell” is produced by RaKesh. the versatile and diverse talent of the artist has also made him a specialist in other languages ​​such as Spanish.

Guillermo Garibay, better known as GMO brought a reinvigorating effect to the modern hip-hop music space. With the new song, the artist is on course to break his previous record for most streams on a single song. Whether it’s the beats, the background music or the bass, every aspect of the latest version of the song “Killa Fashion Ft. King Chris” was excellently executed. Listeners around the world can now stream the song on SoundCloud. Follow the artist on SoundCloud for more exciting releases and more.

Let’s listen to GmO’s new track ‘Fashion Killa Ft. King Chris’ only on SoundCloud:


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