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Open the laptop. Enter social networks. It doesn’t even pass two minutes when you’ve already stumbled upon the first meme. The ones your aunt shares on Facebook, the ones that this fun-loving friend in her stories or the ones that appear on Twitter with each retweet on the Andalucía Directo account, which has become a benchmark for communication on social networks for two years.

After the Andalucía Directo networks, a few days ago, Jaime Ojeda, Guillermo Romero and David Ponce. The three young people from Malaga who make up Kabuti Comunicación. On December 31, they said goodbye to the stories of the show in which they made so many Andalusians laugh with their best tool: the same.

“Now I feel weird. These are the first weeks without a program and it looks like now I’m enjoying this new lifeOjeda says in a conversation with this newspaper. So he jokes that “By dint of watching the program, I have become an expert in casseroles and Andalusian geography”“Watching Andalucía Directo five days a week takes a lot of time and sometimes you can even get tired, but it’s a very grateful show,” he continues.

He and his team became Andalucía Directo’s social media team in 2019, when they won a tender with Vive Andalucía on creating online content to promote the autonomous community still focused on young Europeans. . “We made a pokemon card of Andalusia. They saw it and they noticed us in the program. Also, some knew us from the project we started with, Darba Culture. In the end, everything started to emerge, ”says the co-founder of Katibu.

Its beginnings date back to 2013, when they met at the University of Malaga. They started with a blog called Darba Culture, as Ojeda himself said, that it dealt with musical themes, especially the world of hip-hop. Little by little they created a community and new work projects emerged as a result of what had started as a hobby.

They worked to manage the communication of some DJs like Les Castizos. “One thing leads to another”, according to Jaime and, finally, in 2017, they began to professionalize and quit their respective jobs. In his case, who studied journalism, he stopped working in media such as. Agency.

Already in 2018, they launched the project. There are currently three partners and they have three employees. Guillermo, publicist; David, director of operations and Jaime himself, journalist, are the founders of this made in Malaga agency.

“Our work in Andalucía Directo put us in the spotlight. This is the best project we have ever done “Ojeda says without hesitation, who thinks that Andalucía Directo’s idiosyncrasy and this hybrid of information and entertainment that can be clearly seen in the program have been essential for Andalusian memes to work and thus achieve the goal of achieving young audiences.

The same

But what do memes have for us Andalusians to enjoy so much? Jaime Ojeda believes that one of the virtues that we have in this autonomous community is that we have the great capacity to laugh at ourselves. “We don’t carry a backpack of victimization or irritability when we laugh at ourselves. The memes that worked the best were the ones we played with with Canal Sur, ”he adds.

Additionally, the agency co-founder believes now is the time for memes to work because we see them as an escape from “all the crap” that goes on in the world everyday through humor. “There are examples like the man and the Covid passport which in other places would constitute an offense. In the memes there is also an Andalusian identity. There are Twitter accounts that show national pride, but really triumph by exaggerating our accent, ”he explains.

After almost two years managing the program’s social networks, taking stock, he believes that the turning point, the one that made them see that everything was going well on the networks, happened just a year ago, when they got their first viral meme in who interacted with a tweeter wanting to joke after Three Kings Day. “Modesto saw in it a key form and language to reach out to young audiences and build on it”Ojeda said.

There is also no shortage of good words for Modesto Barragan, which he considers “a figure ready for anything”, the production company ADM and Canal Sur Media, because “without his confidence”, everything could not have gone so well.

They told us there was a clear path. They took that risk, but everything went well and we never had a crisis. I must also say that there were red lines like offending a group or taking a political stand, something useless in a television show, ”he explains.

They close the doors and open the windows

The departure of the young agency from the series comes from production. “We didn’t want to go into details when it was over, but I know they internalized them, while we were working as a subcontractor. I know that It is nothing personal, but business. They do this by looking at the profitability of the business, which I fully understand.“explains the young man.

Likewise, as far as possible, he is even grateful that this stage is closed. For the people of Malaga it was very gratifying to see how the public responded so well. “We were very excited. He can be a bit narcissistic, but in the world of communication you need an audience that listens to you and they gave us a lot of love,” he says.

In this way, after closing that door, they feel very encouraged to “sting” new projects that arrive in 2022. For now, in Malaga, we can take advantage of it in the networks of the EMT, the Youth Center and The Great Mediterranean Family of another Malaga, Dani García. All very “malaguita”. Like them.


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