I consider myself an accidental singer: Madan Gowri | Tamil Cinema News

Digital content creator and YouTuber Madan Gowri has also tried his hand at being a musician. Madan, who already has a few songs under his belt including his collab with Arivu titled Monkeys With 5G, has now released a new song – Neo Ravanan. He collaborated with Anthakudi Ilayaraja for the song which has already crossed over 10 million views.

Madan says the singing happened quite accidentally. “Business tycoon Elon Musk replied to one of my messages and it became a big deal at the time. A few days later my friends and I were at a hotel and we wanted to do something. C That’s how Bathroom Song came about. It only took us 24 hours to create this song, which garnered more than 67 lakh views. I know how much effort people put into making these songs. So, I “I was surprised that my song got so many views. I wanted to work on some bigger numbers and that’s how this journey started,” he says.

Neo Ravanan, the singer says, is the symbol of a modern-day Ravanan and features various anecdotes from Indian mythology. “This is my first time getting into mainstream album and production. This song is about the underdog. What if Ravanan was here now? It would have been so different now, right? The song explores all of that,” he declares.

The response, he said, was “crazy.” “I honestly didn’t expect that for a political song. The numbers, comments and streams are crazy,” he says, adding, “So far I’ve made fun songs. With the one This one was also different in terms of singing, it’s much more complicated and I thank my team of musicians, who are constantly pushing the limits with each number.

Ask Madan if he has learned music, since he sings a lot, and he answers: “Not at all. I realized that I could only sing when I started jamming while composing Bathroom Song. I’m a bathroom singer (laughs). I never imagined becoming a singer/musician. It happened organically. I want to do more fun songs and only take serious numbers once in a while to satisfy the creator in me. I consider myself an accidental singer. I feel that people can identify with my songs and my voice. I read somewhere how We Will Rock You was born – it was just a bunch of friends getting together, singing the song while clapping their hands and feet. I’m probably one of them.

In the meantime, he has also started a music studio, through which he wants to create a platform for new creators. “I collaborated with Arivu before the release of Enjoy Enjaami. Ilayaraja, too, is now getting into commercial music. I want to work with new and upcoming talent. If the song requires my voice, I will sing. Otherwise , the creator can take control. Even with Monkeys With 5G, my role was more dialogue-oriented, while Arivu did all the vocals. So I’m open to anything,” Madan says.

Next in the pipeline is the Madurai Song. “Anirudh made a song for Chennai — Namma Chennai Chance-ey Illa. Hiphop Tamizha did Kovai Gethu Anthem (both were done for The Times Of India). Now I want to do it for my city Madurai. I want to give back to my city and I want the song to be celebrated. CG work is in progress and will be released soon,” he signs.


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