Jaylen Brown admits sneaking into Louis Vuitton fashion show: ‘I ended up sitting next to Kanye’ – Basketball Network


One event Brown will never forget was a Louis Vuitton fashion show where the late Virgil Abloh’s artwork was featured.

Some may not know it, but aside from being a Boston Celtics star, Jaylen Brown is actually a fan of high fashion. In fact, he yearned to get a sense of what it’s like to see renowned fashion icons in the flesh. In the process, Brown sometimes thought the unthinkable, and it reached a crescendo when he decided to sneak into a fashion show.

A man with a plan

Brown has attended several fashion shows in the past, including those of Valentino and Raf Simmons. However, the one event he will never forget was a Louis Vuitton fashion show where the works of the late Virgil Abloh were featured.

According to Brown, the fact that he and Abloh were both black already made him special. But what makes him even more unforgettable is that he wasn’t even invited to this event.

“I wasn’t invited to that one but I went on a trip,” Brown said on “All The Smoke” in 2019. “I’m like, ‘I can’t miss this. It’s as if there had never been a person of my color as designer Louis V. That’s history.

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Brown confessed that he hatched a plan to sneak out. Fortunately, it worked and he ended up sitting next to Kanye West and Travis Scott.

“So I said, ‘this is what we’re going to do’, I said, ‘we’re going’ to get in the car, we’re going to stop real quick, stop real quick, everybody jumps,” Brown recalled. “‘When they say they can’t find my name on the list, I need you to go crazy. When you see the list, go crazy. Act like it’s a scandal’…I’m done by sitting next to Kanye [West] and Travis [Scott].”

Go to the next level

Brown’s passion for fashion has not dissolved despite her work in the NBA. In fact, he even reached new heights ahead of this year’s NBA Finals by becoming the first NBA star to sign a deal with Kayne West’s up-and-coming marketing firm Donda Sports. which is part of the hip-hop legend’s clothing. line.

“Based on what I want to do, the missions I want to accomplish, it was the right decision,” Brown said of the deal via ESPN.

“People have concerns or criticisms etc., but in the world we live in there are concerns and criticisms in everything and anything,” he added. “I feel like it’s a good time for me in my special life. I’m excited to build, create and do things that I always imagined I wanted to do on and off the pitch. .”

At first glance, Brown is likely to surprise us once again with the fashion things he could do. But until then, his goal is to secure his first NBA title in a series against the Golden State Warriors.


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