Maypole ‘mayhem’ set to lead a merry dance through the streets of London


The team behind a giant Jubilee pole say it will bring “a bit of chaos” to the show on the streets of London.

More than 200 artists will take part in the project, called From Tiny Acorns, involving dancers, musicians and artists, including the Iberian folk dance group and members of Gangsta Grans, a 60-plus-year-old street dance group from Preston .

The mast is based around an oak tree and will have ribbons showing an image of the queen and the colors of the rainbow.

Over 200 artists will participate in the project, titled From Tiny Acorns

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It’s one of 12 large-scale creations chosen by contest master Adrian Evans to feature in the third act of Sunday’s event which celebrates creativity and community spirit.

Charles Beauchamp, artistic director of Mandinga Arts, said this “unique moment” was an opportunity to show their work “on a scale rarely seen”.

He said it would be “a bit of chaos, a lot of imagination and hopefully some amazing surprises”.

Daniel Bernstein, managing director of Emergency Exit Arts who worked on the project with Mandinga Arts, said: “We are creating an extravagant and exciting feast for the senses, to bring color and joy to the streets of London.


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