NCT Taeyong’s Best Fashion Moments

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Taeyong, whose official title is Lee Tae-Yong, is renowned for being a rapper, dancer, and songwriter — as well as a jet setter who likes to dress up in a variety of clothes at all times.

Taeyong is a lead singer of Korean boy band NCT, and he turned 24 on July 1.

Find out here how the fashionable birthday boy caught the eye at the airport in his many outfits.

1. A hoodie fetish

When traveling long distances, it’s essential to have soft, comfortable clothes that you can sleep in.

When Taeyong travels by plane, he likes to wear slightly larger sweatshirts with a cap.

In order to catch a flight, he was seen several times wearing hoodies.

2. The denim-obsessed high-flyer

He also likes to dress up when he’s in the air, even if it means putting on a denim jacket.

His coats, however, don’t have to be traditional blue. Taeyong has captured attention by donning denim jackets in numerous styles and colors, as seen in her Instagram photos.

3. A man dressed in black

While traveling, Taeyong also favors traditional, vintage-looking all-black outfits.

When he arrives at airports dressed casually and professionally in top-to-bottom black in a denim or leather jacket combined with a beanie or cap, he never fails to impress.

4. The streetwear ‘fashionista’

It is also crucial to look good on board an aircraft.

Taeyong does this by wearing designer clothes, such as caps, coats, t-shirts and belts with large logos, as well as more subtle ties to high fashion, such as a Burberry coat with its tweed on the inside. inside, or a scarf or whatever. accessories.

“In Taeyong’s terminal style in 2018, we are witnessing the development of a ‘hypebeast’ subculture and style,” a fan of Taeyong said in a “style page” showcasing the star’s many ensembles. of K-pop. Balenciaga, Off-White, Gucci, Vetements, NBA, Yeezy and Supreme have all been seen on Taeyong. Bucket hats, cross bags, cargo [trousers] with socks and chains are among the latest trends.

5. Be square in your hips

It’s crucial to be comfortable on board a cooled and air-conditioned plane, which is why Taeyong is usually well-dressed in a warm striped shirt.

By pairing understated plaid tees with black accessories like backpacks, Taeyong shows that being square is cool.

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