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On today’s menu you’ll find delicious new music from Everclear, POLARTROPICA, Yves Tumor, Violet Blend, In Waves, Casmalia, Cherry Angel, Ellen Krauss, Ishani and The Velvet Hands.

Dig and enjoy.

Casmalia – Is it a dream

Following the release of ‘escape from you‘ in October, San Diego-based artist Casmalia returns with this glorious new single, ‘Is It a Dream’ Drawing inspiration from ’90s disco, techno and hip hop, Casmalia brings together an assortment of sound design which can best be described as “bass-heavy”, where she brings both ends of the nuanced spectrum – ranging from minimal to melodic – as she continues to hone her craft with each new release.

POLARTROPICA – What is your fantasy

Polartropica is an absolute beauty, and their new galactic dream song is a mix of ethereal synth psychedelia that has a luscious, tacky aesthetic. Story-wise though, it’s a song about how your mind can transport you to any fantasy you desire, and the drama of overindulgence.

“A dark and beautiful exploration of pleasure and the way that is often associated with joy or obsessive excess,” Polartropica says of the new single. “The song is a loving tribute to the legacy of our iconic queer, trans, female community in Los Angeles.”

Ishani – Powertripp

Ishani has previously been covered on Eat This Music in May 2020however, she has never been afraid to push the boundaries of her music by exploring personal subjects through her. music; saying that though, the British artist’s latest single is a perfect example of how easily his creative ethos is portrayed through the mix of underlying aesthetic and haunting lyrics – which sit well against the pop backdrop. . Sonically, his new song mixes electronica, alternative pop staples (melodies) and trip-hop beats underneath.

Story-wise, Ishani’s “Powertripp” is a song about toxic relationships: “It’s a song about self-love and how you can overcome a toxic relationship where negative patterns repeat,” says Ishani. “You have to get to a point where you let go of the rope of this power struggle and choose from the endless loops. Take off your mask and veil and go.

Yves Tumor – God is a circle

Yves Tumor’s “God is a Girl” emerges with both exultant grandeur and visceral intimacy as it presents new artistic heights for the project, while highlighting Yves’ ability to combine catchy grooves, vocals haunting and lyrical prowess.

Everclear – Year of the Tiger

Everclear’s “Year of the Tiger” is a politically charged song that marks a resurgence for the band since the release of their album 2015. Gritty, raw and straight to the point, their new offering is a glimpse into how the band has felt over the past three years.

“After all the events of the last almost 3 years with Covid, the global shutdowns, the political debacle of 2020… emanating from inside and outside of The MAGA world, I felt I had to write a song that not only explained my anger and frustration, but a song that served as a mission statement,” Everclear vocalist and guitarist Art Alexakis said. “I feel like the tiger should be the new symbol of the new Democratic Party. We won’t back down, we won’t forget, we fight back, we challenge the lies and we refuse to be bullied by ignorance or loud voices. To quote the lyrics of the song, “Here we are in the Year of the Tiger, we’re here because of all the big lies.” Tigers are everywhere.

Velvet Hands – Phone Love

The Velvet Hands’ latest single is a fast, raging anthem that blends their booming choruses, cohesive beats and a fun, lyrically angsty, pent-up story of turmoil about loss and apathy.

At 3 minutes, “Telephone Love” also explores the endless loop cycle: “This is the moment when you realize you may not be in control anymore,” the band says of their new song. “It’s also the moment when you realize you don’t care if you’re not. Musically inspired by 80s new wave and 2000s indie, we wanted the chorus to sound like a party and that the verse sounds like the next morning.

Into the Waves – Push

In Waves’ ‘Push’ is the third offering – following the releases of ‘Head Above Water’ and ‘Elephant‘ – which continues to show that the band is raising the bar with each new release. Push presents the band at their rawest, as they throw an aggressive bassline right in your face, complete with an anthemic chorus and a heavy dose of feel-good undertones.

Lyrically, however, the song explores themes of perseverance and determination; who wants listeners to “go through and come out the other side fighting”.

Violet Blend – Voices in my head

Italian alternative metal band Violet Blend have released a new music video that explores the lonely and delusional life of a woman admitted to a mental health facility. Some of the best aspects of their music are how they incorporate the essential elements of metal – loud, furious and honest lyrics mixed with a range of ever-shiny metal aesthetics.

Speaking on the release of the single, Violet Blend’s Giada explains that fear, the delirium of a life lived in chains and the fluctuating flow of time are all key concepts in the song and video, especially plus it spins faster and more erratically. . “In the video, she is terrified of the passing of time and it gets worse because she knows that when the time is up, she can never be sane again,” Giada adds. “The room is covered with every word she hears, so she writes everything on the walls to exorcise her fears to soothe the pain.

Cherry Angel – caffeinated

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Cherry Angel’s debut single is a dreamy, danceable lo-fi pop anthem about the euphoria of falling in love and the realities of casual dating. Expect a more nostalgic feel-good aesthetic and humble lyrics in Cherry’s music to come.

“It’s true, she does most of the chasing, but she’s cool with it,” Cherry says of the story behind her debut single. “She doesn’t think it’s complicated, so why should anyone else care?” She is having fun. »

Ellen Krauss – Tie Me Up

Ellen Krauss is a Swedish musician who uses her music to explore, tell playful and emotional stories. Using her latest single “Tie Me Down” to challenge herself – lyrically and sonically – Ellen presents a warm, heartfelt blend of delicate vocals and sparse underlying instrumentals.

Speaking on the single’s release, Ellen explains that the song doubles as a personal journey. “The song is about not wanting to commit to someone because you’re convinced you’ll find someone even better,” Ellen says. “But you always stay just because it’s good and exciting. I wrote this song this fall, I was outside, I was dating and it was great but it was always like “she’s not you”.

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