Pharrell Williams heads to Fashion Memory Lane with Joopiter, his new auction house


Later, Williams formed the band NERD and established himself not only as a solid producer, but also as a vocalist and rapper in his own right. He recorded some of the most successful singles of the new millennium, including the groove-soaked Daft Punk collaboration “Get Lucky” and the international hit “Happy.” Add to that a deep, years-long relationship with Chanel, a shoe and apparel line with Adidas, and a skin and bodycare line, and it’s clear that Williams has more than proven herself – hence. his sense of detachment from the diamond-encrusted gems of yesteryear.

Yet he senses doubt in the air. “I know you look at those Tiffany diamond glasses, and you’re like, ‘Okay, how do you feel that way?'” he smiles. “But it’s different. I’ll tell you why it’s different. At that point, I kept thinking that I didn’t know how long this was going to last, so I better keep going. Now, when I do things and design things, it’s without that gravity of insecurity. Without that gravity of my parents in the back of my mind, ‘You better go get it while it’s good!’ »

Indeed, Pharrell intends to auction off even more personal items, presumably following his various style eras along the way. (We hope the public will be lucky enough to nab one of his signature hats.) Still, are there any particular pieces he struggles to part with? Are some of them imbued with a strong and inextricable memory?

Williams shakes his head. “It’s just molecules, man,” he says. “You can’t take anything with you.”

Auctions on the first Joopiter lots begin on Thursday, October 20.


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