Ralph Lauren to launch Fortnite fashion line with first polo logo mashup


American fashion house Ralph Lauren Corp. dives deep into the metaverse by launching a new fashion line with one of the most popular online games, Fortnite.

Drawing inspiration from designs from the 1990s, the “Polo Stadium Collection” includes a limited run of physical hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, button-down shirts, polo shirts and caps, with select items available on November 2 and others coming out early. December. Prices will range from $59.50 to $188. The apparel features a mashup of the Polo logo with its iconic jockey riding the Fortnite llama. This is the first time in Ralph Lauren’s 55-year history that the logo has been redesigned.

There will be digital outfits on sale in-game from November 5-12, for around 1500 VBUX, which is the equivalent of around $6, as well as a la carte accessories.

Rapper Polo G. kicks off the launch festivities with a live concert for fans on November 3. The luxury brand’s retro-preppy items have become a hot collectible in the hip-hop community.

The company has reinvented itself for Gen-Z through various collaborations in the metaverse, including a final holiday season with gaming platform Roblox Corp. Ralph Lauren CEO Patrice Louvet credits young customers with driving online sales to 26% of revenue, and expects that figure to rise to around 33% over the next few years . Looking ahead to the next three years, the company has set full-year revenue targets that beat Wall Street estimates and plans to raise prices while moving away from discounts and focusing on creating its next generation of customers.

Chief brand and innovation officer David Lauren said he sees growth coming from immersive marketing experiences in spaces where young people congregate, such as video games.

“They’re not going to walk into a store like their parents did, so we want to create something joyful where the brand can be discovered in a new light,” he said. “It’s not about selling millions, it’s about selling to a targeted audience of influencers.”

Digital apparel is big business for Epic Games Inc.’s Fortnite, with collaborations including deals with Walt Disney Co.’s Marvel, the NFL and Nike Inc. generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, according to Forbes. The game currently has over 400 million registered accounts worldwide.

By Martine Paris

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