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Snoop Dogg almost drew inspiration from another artist who couldn’t be more of his opposite: Taylor Swift. In a new episode of Complete shipment podcast released on Wednesday (April 20), the 50-year-old rapper explained how his plan for Death Row Records, which he acquired in February, will give artists proper income for their music to avoid what happened with the Swift masters.

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Speaking about his goal of increasing artists’ profits by making Death Row an NFT-only label, Snoop cited the “All Too Well” singer as a “perfect example” of an artist finding similar workarounds to outdated industry contracts that prevent them from earning enough money. out of their music. “She’s not an old artist at all — she’s pretty new,” he said of Swift, who began re-recording her first six albums after her lead recordings were sold to Scooter Braun for sale. his will in 2019.

“What did she do?” He continued. “She remastered her album. Why? Because she wasn’t getting any revenue from that album.

One of the show’s hosts then asked Snoop if he was trying to punch Braun. “I don’t shoot anyone. Scooter is my friend, I’m just telling the truth,” the rapper replied. “This is public information, am I lying? Ask her why did she redo her album? Because she couldn’t get funding, so she redid her album as a way of “I’m gonna do this for my fans, and they’ll support me because these are my voices, this is my music, and I should earn money”. of my project when you buy it.’”

The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper went on to reveal he almost did the exact same thing with his 1993 record doggystyle. “I was going to remaster my album,” he said. “My son told me years ago, he was like, ‘You should just remaster doggystyle, Pops, fk all that. Remaster it, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

“But I didn’t want to take that approach, because you can’t remaster doggystyle like you could remaster them R&B songs. This shit was a feeling, this shit was a moment. You cannot recover this. We’re trying to recreate this shit all over again, so I had to go get my shit.

Listen to Snoop’s full appearance on “Full Send Podcast” below:


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