The R-Rated Movie You Probably Forgot Starring Anne Hathaway


In 2005, Hathaway starred in Oscar-winning “Brokeback Mountain” as the well-to-do cowboy wife of Jake Gyllenhaal. Her appearance in the film Ang Lee proved that she had more to offer than princess-centric roles and became one of her best films. That same year, she appeared in another R-rated movie, “Havoc,” though it was a movie the general public seemed to have forgotten about.

The direct-to-DVD project focuses on affluent Los Angeles teenagers who have fallen in love with the city’s thriving hip-hop scene. As they expose themselves to a less sheltered existence, they become involved with gangsters and drugs and end up in slum tourism. “Havoc” features a notable who’s who of emerging talent from the 2000s. Hathaway took the lead as teenage Allison Lang who enters an unknown world, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays her friend Sam, and Channing Tatum appears in a brief role as another teenage character, Nick.

“Havoc” was released when Hathaway was in her early twenties, and it saw her take on a very different role than the one that initially made her famous. “My whole MO in my twenties was ‘being in as many different types of movies as possible,'” Hathaway revealed in 2015 (via Bustle). “It was hard to get into plays to be taken seriously for roles that weren’t princesses…I think that’s part of why I tried to have as wide a range as I did. I had.” The film largely faded into obscurity upon release, though it remains a must-watch for Hathaway purists who want to see the star’s first non-princess roles. Despite mixed reviews, Rich Cline particularly praised Hathaway’s performance, noting how it marked a turning point in his “flawless” persona.


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