The Take It To ‘D’ street dance competition returns to Granada on June 3

The Take It To ‘D’ street dance competition is back in Grenada

Granada: Grenada’s government is set to hold a Take it To ‘D’ street dance competition as it returns to the Caribbean island after facing a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 19.

Reportedly, nine dancers will face off against judges on Friday, June 3, 2022, as they bring it back on the return of street dancing competition after a two-year hiatus.

Take him to the street dancing competition which was organized by the culture division known for characteristic dancing across the three island states.

Additionally, this year’s street dance competition will feature solo dancers, as organizers said the events do not include group elements.

Some of the best dancers on the island have entered the street competition.

Take it to the street dance competition will be broadcast live on the Granada cultural Facebook page from 7 p.m.

Read here: The names of the nine dancers who will participate in the Take into the street dancers competitions:

The Names are:

  1. Akim Collins
  2. Raquel Thorn Hill
  3. Shadee Coutinho
  4. Antonia Welsh
  5. Josh Robertson
  6. Akin Francois
  7. JacquinioLewis
  8. Malcolm Julina
  9. Ronnie Young

Take into Street Dancers is a contest organized by Grenadian cultures to bring out new talents in the field of dance so that they can hone their skills in the art of performing amazing dance.

Dancers from across the country have expressed interest in the competition and nine dancers will perform in the virtual edition of the competition.

However, the competition has been halted for two years due to the danger of COVID-19, but with the start of 2022, various other cultural events have also returned to the country’s soil with full enthusiasm.

Earlier, Grenada also hosted cricket and saw an increase in the number of tourists and arrivals.

However, Grenada is ready to vote as the government has announced the election date, but cultural events like street dancing competitions are helpful in filling joy, happiness and excitement among residents and tourists.


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