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Festival season is finally (finally!) Upon us in Texas, and with it comes the urge to show off a full list of new looks, bolstered by a year and a half of pent up creative energy. Finally, the opportunity to express ourselves to a large audience. The only question we ask ourselves: do we match our mask to the outfit? Or match the outfit with the mask?

The month of October begins with the long-awaited return of the Austin City Limits Music Festival (October 1-3, October 8-10) and ends with Post Malone’s Posty Fest in Arlington on the weekend of ‘Halloween, while Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival returns for a third iteration in Houston on November 5-6. See also: Kerrville Folk Festival (October 1-11), UtopiaFest in Burnet (October 14-16), Lights All Night in Dallas (December 30-31) and all the individual live performances in between, from ZZ Top to Lubbock (November 27-28) at Khruangbin in Dallas (December 17).

While “Who to see? is at the top of our concerns, “What to wear?” is a close second. ACL First line, starring George Strait, Miley Cyrus and Megan Thee Stallion, provides a preview of the fusion of honky-tonk style, glitter and warmth that will hit concert halls this fall. This weekend and beyond, expect dazzled cowboy boots and hats, fringes on pretty much everything, and casual vintage items, whether it’s a tribute to Hannah Montana or a ‘an OG Duran Duran concert t-shirt.

Texas brands will be competing with favorite brands like Nike, Free People and Zara for a place in your outfit line. So we’ve put together a guide to wearing your state pride on your sleeve, organized by category.

The Unchained Recreation

Popular Austin-based brand Outside voice offers a cute but comfortable alternative to athleisure. “Doing things” in a brightly colored sports dress or five-inch crotch shorts is the only way to go during our typically scorching falls.

The awesome Texan

For the guy looking to stand out in the crowd, Flameless shirt should do the trick. Patterned shirts (think psychedelic mushrooms or The starry Night) are made in Austin; each colorful garment has its own personality. But why stop there? Pair it with a cowboy hat, spice jorts and a pair of colorful knee high socks.

The fashionable pioneer

With streetwear-pro Tyler, the designer hitting the ACL stage this year, some festival-goers are sure to represent the rapper’s brand, Golf Wang. For those who want to wear their own off-duty outfits, check out Dallas brands DMKD and Passing through Dallas, and that of Houston 75th & Canal for graphic t-shirts, utility vests and simple crewnecks. Whatever you wear on top, pair it with the daring food-inspired sneakers from Dallas YUM, ideal for sprinting from stage to stage.

The urban cowboy

Yeah, all of you. The time has never been ripe for a one-iron renaissance of Western usury. Cow print and cowboy boots have made their way into the mainstream since “Old Town Road” started to hit the charts, but this year’s festival season will catch the country trend in full swing. flowering. You can play the look straight up, with real Roper boots, or you can adopt one of the many brands that have emerged to deliver an urban cowboy aesthetic. Neon Cowboy may be based in LA, but his bright hats (as seen on Kacey Musgraves) keep the parties in Texas going all night, while based in Houston. Vinyl ranch offers playful comfort clothing like t-shirts that read “Strait Outta Texas” and “Chattahucci” (in Gucci style). Better yet: the brand also acts as a DJ and will perform at the ACL on both weekends.

Not your mother’s flower child

The festival flower wreath is now outdated, but the free-spirited feeling behind it is still in fashion. For a raised hippie look, consider earth tones, feather dusters, fringes and hats like those sold at Texas Hatters, Lockhart, or Ferrah, in Dallas. For a simple, durable base on which to build layers of necklaces and bracelets, shop for dresses from brands like Austin’s Miranda Bennett Studio and that of Houston Sunchild. And for more folk, add a quilted corset or bandana dress from Psychic Outlaw, the Austin brand reworking vintage textiles.

The hot girl all seasons

If we’re real to ourselves, it stays hot in Texas until October (and sometimes beyond). This truth only means that we, as Hot Texans, have more seasonal opportunities to practice that Southern sex appeal: Hot Girls are no longer relegated to summer. Dallas sportswear brand Legality understands the need for looks all year round and offers turtlenecks in neon and geometric prints. Pair it with Austin’s new geometric jewelry Line Tres to continue the pattern set.

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