This is how Dua Lipa is transforming pop music

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Pop music has been dominated by the sounds of paranoia, resentment and general sadness for years. Depressing music is appropriate for erratic times, and then Dua Lipa came along. People frequently use music to express their emotions and accommodate their moods. Dua Lipa, a British singer, has revolutionized pop music with her catchy and joyful compositions, even when she sings about breaking up.

For the majority of songs on her first two albums, British singer Dua Lipa used danceable, bouncy and happy compositions. Even though the song is about separation, the 26-year-old English pop singer prefers faster tunes. Even though the songs on the CD are sad, the listener may be inspired to dance to the music. Through the tempo, she infuses the song with optimism about a breakup.

The British singer has gained popularity on the internet thanks to her energetic and danceable tunes, which has made her a meme. After Twitter did its thing, Dua Lipa’s One Kiss dance gained notoriety. Due to her 2018 performance routine for the hit song One Kiss, the hip-hop dances of her songs started gaining popularity online. Let’s just say Dua Lipa’s online notoriety now includes the dancing meme. Find out how Dua Lipa changed the rules of mainstream music below. It’s not the only time she’s broken them.

1. The sound of his music has evolved.

2. Intricate, handmade dance music.

3. Rock vocals and electronic instrumentation combined

4. That 80s vibe is brought back

5. Voice of the mezzo-soprano

6. The authentic and mysterious personality of the popstar.

7. Biblical allusions and the empowerment of women.

8. His positive sad songs.

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