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South Korean music group Tomorrow x Together said on Monday they attempted to delve into “dark themes” of human emotions that erupt after heartbreak in their fourth EP titled “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child.” Also called TXT, the group performed two songs from their upcoming album – lead single “Good Boy Gone Bad” and “Trust Fund Baby” at the Global Media Showcase which streamed live on YouTube from Seoul.

The quintet – consisting of Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai – described the lead single “Good Boy Gone Bad” as a hardcore hip hop song with a rock sound.

Group leader Soobin said the main track is about an innocent boy going through his first breakup and going through a lot of complex emotions.

“For this album, it’s different emotions that a boy goes through after breaking up with his first love and (we’ve included) different genres of music.

“Thursday is a day in the middle of the week, but in a way it feels like the weekend, doesn’t it? Just like that, we expressed the emotions of a boy who went through a breakup of the transition period from a boy to an adult,” he added.

The EP’s title is inspired by an Old English nursery rhyme based on the days of the week, and Taehyun said the name could be interpreted in more than one way since TXT has “a long way to go.” .

HueningKai said “Good Boy Gone Bad” is about the boy, the subject of all their creations to date, who feels the sense of loss, rage, and other distinct intense emotions after experiencing his first breakup.

“This song shows how an innocent boy becomes tough and dark. We’re going to bring some new performances and dark themes that are quite different from what we’ve tried before,” he said.

According to TXT, “Trust Fund Baby,” which is the EP’s B-side song, is a pop ballad that depicts a cynical attitude toward the world where you can’t be in love if you’re poor.

Talking about this song, Taehyun said he was inspired to write the lyrics for “Trust Fund Baby” while playing a video game.

“I really resonated with that theme and thought I was able to write the lyrics to that song really well. I actually got inspired while playing a game… I’m sure a lot of people say teams really resonate with a song,” he said.

Asked to comment on the rock genre’s enduring charm, Taehyun said he “comes back every time people think he’s dead.”

“Our vocals fit the genre,” the member said, adding that he listens to American rock band Nirvana.

Beomgyu, who served as the producer for “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child,” said he was thrilled to play a significant role in the group’s discography. It marks his return as a producer for the first time in two years since “Maze in the Mirror”.

“It’s actually the first time for all the members to work on all the songs, so I was really happy about that. We were happy about the opportunity. I think we can own any genre,” he said. he declared.

“Now that we have four years under our belt, our teamwork has become even stronger and each member is growing in their own way and achieving their goals,” he added.

TXT put “our hearts and souls” into this EP, Yeonjun said.

“We had a lot of fun. I think we will probably become the fourth generation leaders of K-pop with this,” he said.

Yeonjun also recalled Big Hit Music founder and Hybe Corporation chairman Bang Si-hyuk, telling him that he has “full confidence” in TXT’s abilities. Singer Lee Hyun, who is signed to Big Hit Music as a solo artist, said the “album will be a hit,” the member said.

TXT, who made their music debut in 2019, will embark on their first world tour this year and meet their MOA (Moment of Alwayness) fan base face to face for the first time.

“We finally have our world tour for the first time since our debut and we are really excited,” Taehyun added.

The other three songs on the ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ tracklist are: ‘Opening Sequence’, ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go’.

TXT will release the album today.


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