Vince Staples responds to Drake’s dance album


In a recent interview on The Joe Budden PodcastVince Staples Reflects on Drake’s Surprise Album HONESTLY, IT’S LITTLE and compared it to the comments he received for big fish theory.

With HONESTLY, IT’S LITTLE Receiving mixed reactions, Budden asked the Compton rapper if he thought Drake’s release of a dance album “brings us closer to wiping out rap music as a whole.” Staples reminded Budden that he did the same thing in 2017 and “the niggas was on me.” He continued to mock people who were criticizing his album at the time, “That big fish theory, niggas was mad at that. ‘What the fuck with that nigga?’”

Staples added that he personally thinks music is visual, using Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and Tupac’s aesthetic as examples. “So when you think about where the music is going, everything is Instagram. Everything looks the same, everything moves the same, everyone dresses the same, everyone talks the same,” he explained, “So gender shit will eventually have to go out the window. Like, it’s just too hard to separate culture because the internet kinda pushes everything in the same little bubble.”

big fish theory marked Staples’ second studio album and heard him drifting away from the hip-hop sound of DST ’06. He worked with producers such as Christian Rich, Zack Sekoff, the late Sophie, Ray Brady, Jimmy Edgar, GTA, Justin Vernon and Flume to achieve his techno house/Detroit sound.

Watch the full interview above.

In related news, Drake set a new Apple Music record just an hour after the release of HONESTLY, IT’S LITTLE.


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