Watch Houdini and NorthSideBenji’s “Repeat” Music Video


Toronto rapper NorthSideBenji has released the music video for his surprise new single with the late Houdini, “Repeat.”

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we weren’t able to release it when we first did it in 2019, but on behalf of the Houligan Estate, we wanted to give you all something special. A teasing Instagram post the track last night.The two rappers were working on a collaborative project before Houdini’s untimely passing in 2020, when he was shot in Toronto’s entertainment district.

“Repeat” captures the undeniable chemistry between the two artists. Over a springy, hypnotic trap beat, they exchange melodic, unflappable bars taunting their foes and boasting of their sexual prowess. “.223’s bleed/You wanna see Fiends?/She tryna freak me/Feel like a repeat,” Benji sings on the hook.

The music video, directed by Orazio, intercuts shots of Houdini performing in front of a crowd and showing off in a parking lot near Toronto’s CN Tower with scenes of Benji in a tropical location, tending to who appears to be the son downstairs Hou’s age.

Benji had a close relationship with Houdini, often referring to him as his “twin”. He told Complex Canada that his 2021 project The extravagant collection was inspired by Houdini and the son he left behind. “Before he passed I was already on a short hiatus, only doing feature films for some of my UK mates like Nines, Headie One and AJ Tracey. But once he left us, I was kind of stuck between the two sides of the fence. He left behind a son he could never hold and I will not let him be a victim of the circumstances in which we found ourselves. All that shit for him,” he said.

The “Repeat” video ends with a candid clip of a young Hou and Benji lounging in a room preparing a song, followed by the words “Houdini 2022” flashing on the screen. Perhaps a hint that more music may be on the way.

Watch the video for “Repeat” above.


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