Watching finals fashion at Moody’s

A student wears her Outdoor Voices exercise dress with a fun, colorful computer case. Camryn Duffy | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Personal editor

Finals season is upon us, bringing a swarm of students to the Moody Memorial Library at all hours of the day, armed with cold brew and AirPods. From shoes to backpacks to tech, the Baylor starter pack is one aspect of campus culture that’s hard to miss.

Sitting in Moody, I immediately notice a head-to-toe uniform donned by several people. For girls, it could be Lululemon complete with claw clip and HOKA running shoes. Another common sight is an entire group of fraternity boys in their philanthropic shirts, khaki shorts and Birkenstocks, which isn’t complete without a hat fluttering over the top of their head, held up eerily high by n’ any hair product they have used.

But of course, it’s not just nursing and finance graduates who come to Moody’s. It’s easy to spot a political science student with his sunflower yellow Kånken backpack he’s had since middle school because he promised his parents he’d use this $80 staple from the Urban Outfitters accessories section. .

Although Nike Air Force 1s are also ubiquitous in the student body, I wear the same pair from my sophomore year of high school that I thought was cool to have because a few guys asked me when I first started “doing vibrate the Forces”. You can “rock the Forces” anywhere, as they’re perfect for walking almost five miles in total to class every day, and are versatile enough for any activity that comes your way.

And then, of course, there are the pre-med students who you can always identify by wearing one of the many free T-shirts that Baylor put in their arms because they haven’t done laundry in since a few weeks. Equipped with the biggest cafe you’ve ever seen and eye bags deep enough to hold the $500 worth of textbooks they’re constantly carrying around, it’s best to get out of the way when you see one of these people heading towards a study module.

But something that unifies all types of Baylor students is their reliance on AirPods. They are like a student’s security blanket. I’ve never walked to a single spot on campus without mine – even though they’re dead – because it’s more about looks than anything. You just have to give the impression that you are doing something, that you are walking somewhere with a purpose, even if you are not listening to music at all. Not just any headphones will do, it has to be AirPods. Wired headphones are one of the deadly sins – you just don’t wear them unless a tour group cart full of high school kids has run over your AirPods, backed them up, and run over them one more time for good measure.

At the end of the day, college is just you, your laptop, and your water bottle against the world, so dress how you want and fit into your chosen niche. Or not.


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