Young Thug, Gunna Jail: How New York’s Rap Music Bill Can Help Them?


Young Thug and Gunna’s arrest shocked fans last week. But sadly, their arrest is just one of many issues the hip-hop community has been dealing with for some time now.

Both rappers were involved in a grand jury indictment of members of the YSL (Young Slime Life) gang that Young Thug allegedly formed in Atlanta in 2012.

However, one interesting route taken by this controversial case is that prosecutors used song lyrics and social media posts by the artist and other defendants as the basis of the indictment.

The inclusion of the use of artists’ works/lyrics has been the subject of debate in the hip-hop community in recent months, particularly in New York City.

‘Rap Music On Trial Bill’, can it help Gunna and Young Thug?

In a recent interview with TMZ, rapper Bobby Shmurda “dances for joy” as the “Rap Music On Trial” bill was signed into law in the New York State Senate.

The “Rap Music On Trial” bill prevents authorities, including prosecutors, from using rappers’ lyrics against them in court cases. Rap and hip-hop titans Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Killer Mike and Kelly Rowland are among the many artists who have helped champion this bill.

The need for the bill has been heightened as deaths and arrests within New York’s hip-hop community, particularly drill rap, have increased this year.

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However, it might be too late for Shmurda, as he has already served time for being sued for using his song lyrics in 2014. But, he thinks this bill should be pushed nationwide because of other states should adopt it to protect other artists from other parts of the country.

“I’m grateful for that. I feel like this needs to happen across the country, especially with what’s going on in Atlanta right now,” he said.

If this were to be adopted in Georgia, where Thugger and Gunna are currently imprisoned, it could mean a huge advantage for them, who have been sued primarily for their song lyrics.

The lyrics of their collab “Slatty” were used against them. Gunna’s legal team called the RICO indictment “extremely problematic”, while the Young Thug camp pledged to fight “ethically, legally and zealously”.

The bill still has one step to go – it must go through the New York State Assembly to become full law.

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